Wise Values

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Our products don’t just look and smell good, they also work. Whether it is washing your hands, your hair or your body our soaps and shampoos will leave you clean and looking and feeling your best. There is no point is using shampoo or conditioner bars that leave you hair feeling icky. You deserve a plastic-free bar that makes your hair as fabulous as you are.


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We stand behind everything we do. Every ingredient has been carefully vetted. You can be sure that we considered the environmental, social, and ethical impact of what we put into our products. You can feel as good about our products as we do about our ingredients.


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Celebrating Differences

Since we all march to the beat of our own drummer we totally understand that everyone has something about them that is worth celebrating. It is our imperfections that make everyone unique. We bring our whole selves into the work we do. We look for ways to learn from others every single day because everyone has something to teach us.


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Our planet will be here long after we are gone but we want it to be a healthy planet. So we consider the sustainability of the production of all our ingredients. If we find something is not as sustainable as we thought we will reformulate to give you the same great experience using our soap and hair products with a smaller ecological foot print.


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Sense of Humor

Life is too short to be serious all the time. We can have fun while we make the world a better place because sometimes we are all a little salty. And that’s totally fine.